Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Here are a few peeks at one of the mini scrapbooks I made for my family this Christmas. It was fun but I take soooo long to finish even something small like this!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

More time for blogging!

It was time for a change. My parents' hair stylist, a Lebanese hipster, actually watched me walk in and shook his head. His first words were, "You've been cutting this yourself, haven't you." Ouch.
Yes, I'm on a limited budget so I've been taking DIY to a whole new level! I think I had gone to a Super Cuts stylist once in the last five years since I'd been in this man's salon. He had been the only one that had ever cut my curly hair without going too short. This time he let me have it by cutting about 7" off . He's been taken off the good list!
This is the third time I've had so much cut off but the first two were from super long to pixie short. I think I'll survive. Give it a week, right?

Lists are Out!

I have sent e-mails to all participants in the V-Day Card Swap with their contact info. If you signed up and didn't receive an e-mail, please let me know so I can fix the error. (redvelvetart "at" hotmail "dot" com)
I will post reminders about getting the cards out on or before February 5th. Thanks again to all who were able to sign up. If you didn't get a chance this time, there will hopefully be another swap soon!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Time is up!!!

Yay, for the turnout! We've got a lot of names to group so you'll each be getting an e-mail before the weekend is up with your contact list. If you still have questions about what to do, please write to me @
The cards can be made with any medium and you can write a message or leave it general.
If you are unable to send your cards by Feb. 5th, please notify me at the above e-mail address. It is important for us to know who is unable to take part. Those who don't send their cards to their contacts without any notification will not be able to participate in future swaps. Unfortunately, this is the only way to ensure this can be a fun event and worth the valuable time people put into it.
Thanks for the enthusiasm! I'll be e-mailing you soon.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Show @ Erin's house

I spent the last two weeks preparing for a small product show at a friend's house. I stayed up until midnight sewing most nights because I forget that I must sleep to function the next day. I got sick for the first time in a year but managed to sew on. I finally had most of it together this morning before the show thanks to my husband's help with Sebastian and my mom's encouragement. I get to the show with time to spare and discover...I've forgotten to bring any money for change! No matter...husband to the rescue again. Turns out, I didn't need much as I only sold one blanket and two burp cloth packs.
I'm telling myself not to be sad because now its all ready for the next time I need to sell it. (Its probably going up on
Anyways, here's some pics.
Thanks for all of the sign ups for our FIRST EVER VALENTINE CARD SWAP! I'm so excited to see what you girls are making. Just a reminder...send me your NAME, E-MAIL and MAILING ADDRESS to REDVELVETART (at) HOTMAIL.COM.
To answer a few questions...we'll be taking sign ups until Jan 26th at'll get between 3-5 cards...feel free to write a message in these to your new can use any medium you'd like...IMPORTANT: YOU MUST HAVE THEM FINISHED AND READY TO SEND BY FEB. 5TH TO HAVE THEM DELIVERED IN TIME FOR FEB. 14TH. IF YOU HAVE ANY INTERNATIONAL CONTACTS you may want to send them as soon as you can. Its up to you.
I've already received some pics from one of our ladies! Great job!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Valentine Card Scrap Swap!

Wanna be part of the first RVA Valentine Card Scrap Swap? Send in your name, e-mail and home address to RedVelvetArt (at) before January 26th. You will then receive a few names and mailing addresses of other scrappers (we're hoping 3-5 names) that you will make a Valentine card for. You have about a week and a half to finish these and get them in the mail in order to have them delivered by February 14th. (We recommend setting February 5th as a deadline to have them in the mail.)

Feel free to make them as simple or complex as you'd like. One card per person is the expectation, although not all cards have to be the same. This is a way to make Valentine's Day something to look forward to despite your romantic situation. I plan on displaying all of my cards as they arrive to get me in the mood. I also know for a fact that its Elsie's FAVORITE holiday of the year.

We'd love to see pics of your cards before you send them! We'll try posting them all so we can showcase everyone's ideas.

Please e-mail us if you've signed up and aren't able to participate. Sometimes unexpected things come up and we all understand, but it is important to inform us so we can contact the people on your list.

If you know of anyone who would like to participate send them this info ASAP. We'll post reminders as we get closer to deadlines to keep everyone on their toes!

Happy Scrapping!
RVA girls

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Whoa baby!

Watch out, its the New Year! There are so many things that are going to be different for me in 2007. The night before Christmas was a low point but something about a new calendar year makes me feel hopeful again. I need to make some good changes in my life. So, to start out, I joined a gym. I am also tutoring two boys in English. I'm trying to be more kind to my husband as he deals with his own pressure to find a good job. But most importanly, I'm putting on those workout clothes and doing something that will bring back a part of me that disappeared quietly.
I usually never make resolutions because I never intend to really put forth the effort. But in the spirit of 'do overs', if you've decided to make a change, leave a comment and share it with us.
Big apologies again for the missing 7 days of Christmas. Maybe next year!